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Thinks to Consider before a firearm purchase.

Making a decision to purchase, train and commit to a firearm as part of a person's personal defense choice is not something to take lightly. We here at Defcon Supply understand this decision and the stress it can cause. Rest assured we are not here just to make a sale. We take your personal defense and that of the people you care about very seriously. We will not drown you in techno gun geek jargon or insist that you need one platform over another.   

What firearm will fill my needs?

The gun a coworker or you favorite Uncle Bob recommends could be the perfect choice for you. Then again it could be the gun that malfunctions when you need it most or has such a cumbersome control interface that under stress you can't get it into the fight. Not all guns in say 9mm are the same. Anymore than all cars that run on regular gas are the same. In firearms as in cars we need to examine your needs, your level of training and your budget. Along with other factors to guide a decsion on what firearm to purchase. 

No Pressure No Attitude

Our philosophy at Defcon Supply is to always treat a new to firearms person the same way we treat our kid's or our friends. We are not going to hard sell anyone and we are not going to sell you a sub-par firearm or gear just so we can make a buck. We sell and represent the best values in the industry here and refuse to sell anything we do not trust to bring that quality into the defensive environment.  Perhaps a Sig Sauer DA/SA pistol is what you need. Perhaps a polymer framed Smith and Wesson or Glock might suit your needs. A large caliber stainless revolver could be the perfect firearm for your needs. These solutions are only found through interaction with the customer and us. We invite you to call, email or drop by and discuss your needs and ideas in a freindly and absoulutly stress free shop.

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