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Had some Liberal Send me this on facebook. Wants to be in the State Senate

R.D. Armstrong I respect your opinion sir. But I’m not claiming to be man that’s want to be a women and if your referring to the new carry law which deregulated certain aspects of former carry law and decreased the safety of our public and police officers and being overturned the first time by fallen which I agreed with. And I’m not a baby killer the Oklahoma supreme ruled on the pro choice law so there’s nothing much I can do about that. Don’t let Washington politics push your voting choices in Oklahoma! It’s not about party it’s about person and who they are and if they truly stand for the people or stand for the party!

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Anyone smell a civil war?

Is it just me or are the anti-Trump I hate America types getting frantic?

Seems all the main stream media can do is try to foster the idea that Trump and his supporters are Nazis and Racists. I don't know but I never figured believing in the constitution and the rule of law made one a Nazi. I always thought of Nazis as making the government the all powerful force that decides what you buy, where you live and what ideas you could express. Not too mention concentration camps Zyclon B and taking away the citizens means to resist. Wait that sounds like the left wing Democrats to me.

This running folks out of your business because they work for Trump or calling the Cops because a black man is sleeping on a park bench is getting out of hand. Grow up. Stop getting so butt hurt because someone does not agree with you geez. This rabid response that I will admit seems to be more prevalent in the communist/progressive camp is getting silly.  We need a secure border despite the Maxine Waters and Mark Wayne Mullins of the worlds votes. Not getting your same sex wedding cake made is not a huge civil rights violation. go see a baker that will enjoy earning your business. Every time a police officer shoots a minority is not racial bias. Sometimes it might be most of the time is some dumbass with a gun not thinking about how reasonable dropping the gun and putting your hands up is. Not every white guy in a trailer park is in the Klan any more than every person in the hood sells dope.

As a white guy married to a little Indian lady from a reservation on the west coast.  I hate this minority vs white folks rhetoric being whipped up by the media. My kids are mixed race and I don't think they should have to change who they are to fit anyone's idea of what they should be based on their blood lines or skin color.  Sure don't want my grandkids hearing about how cool it was before the war of the city's forced everyone to live in tribal enclaves like the Balkans or Iraq.  This turning away from the Constitution and the liberty granted the individual under it  for a government socialist utopia of misery and tyranny equally applied to all. Well except the ruling elite is heading us down a path of destruction.

Now don't misunderstand and think if civil violence comes to my home and my family I will not resist the oppressor till my last breath you are wrong.  Just not sure where the majority of us fit in in an us vs them conflict. Hopefully we will never know. So as for me I'm cool with guys saying they are girls and folks demanding reparations. Just don't tread on my rights because I disagree with you.  Better to die on your feet for the rights giving by the creator than bend your knee to fit into a mold the PC crowd deems correct.

 There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint 

George Mason


Why we need an alien invasion threat:

America is suffering from bipolar disorder on one side we have coddled communist sympathizers. Who have never had to face the real world. Having been protected from a performance driven universe by soccer participation trophy's and  internalization of the idea that they are special even if they still live at home with mommy.

The other side of the same bipolar coin are the nationalist jihadis who think all their problems would be solved if they just lived in a nice all white nation. These cretins look to others to place the blame on for their unsuccessful lives and inability to achieve anything of value. Never mind their tattoos that offend folks and their ninth grade educations and lack of real world skills.

The meat in the middle of the sandwich of hate:

Then you have folks like me and I believe most people in America fall into this category. We work hard and we see folks on welfare eating better than ourselves. We see people chanting hate about how great Hitler was and wonder are these people playing a game or are they really this stupid? We want our family's to grow and prosper and raise their children in a nation that abides by the rights and laws granted to us by our creator and codified in our founding documents. We don't ask for special programs. We don't think our money should be given to folks to study anti American tripe in our institutions of higher learning. We don't want our ideas shouted down because we don't adhere to the latest civil rights fad. We want all folks to be afforded the same protections and opportunity but not forced outcomes dictated by some Orwellian big brother state.

Space Alien Invasion

What we need as a nation and as a world is a real extinction threat. Not some phony agenda driven thing like climate change. No we need real burned city's and famine stuff caused by the alien invasion. Only through a real threat to all people regardless of race, sexual identity and social status will we all stop this maddening bickering about made up problems and PC BS. We need Nazis and ANTIFA types to be melted by death rays equally showing no bias. So folks can join to fight a common enemy. I think space aliens or maybe George Sorros would be the enemy to fight. 

Nobody remembers real pain anymore

We need some skin in the game as Barry Hussien was want to inform us. We send young people off to fight and die fighting real evil but our shops are full. Our markets are stocked nobody pays a price except those killed and maimed and their loved ones. A good alien apocalypse would fix this.

My answer

Grow up get your Swastikas and SS tattoos lasered off. Stop looting your own neighborhoods because some LEO shoots a felon brandishing a gun. Take off your black hoodies and plastic shields get a job and move out.

defcon blog 5-10-2017

Sheep dog vs Survivor

As most of you know I am a solid proponent of the armed citizen as a tool against crime, tyranny and civil unrest. I believe the founders enshrined this inalienable right granted by our creator to all free people within the language of the second amendment. However I must say I do not subscribe to the popular idea that one is either sheep or sheep dog. As if each is mutually exclusive of the other. This dichotomy is often expressed as you are either a victim or a non victim. I think this idea over simplifies the reason to carry a firearm.

When I'm getting dressed every morning I try to look at what I plan on doing that day and dress accordingly. Staying in the shop outside the pants holster for 1911 or SIG M11. Going to the movies inside the pants holster  with same setup. Going to my daughters baby shower and then the bank maybe five shot wheel gun  stuffed in my pants or a pocket. The reason for this is two fold so I may protect my family and myself while causing the least stress to those around me who may find guns offensive. I don't really care how you feel but will attempt to make some accommodation in the interest of civility. 

I never put on a personal defense weapon with the thought I may have to play sheep dog protector of the masses in my selection of gun and carry setup. I'm not a sheep dog. I'm a survivor and that means I will save my family at the expense of leaving you to fend for yourself if that is the decision I face. If a terrorist hell bent on killing infidels in Reasors grocery decides he is going to round up six ladys in yoga pants for summary execution as an affront to Allah and my family and I can barricade in the organic veggie section covering all avenues of approach with small arms. Then sadly you are on your own. If said paradise seeker decides my grand daughter reminds him of his first cousin he married when she was nine and he is taking her back to dirkastan to be married the fight is on right here right now.

My duty in self defense is to myself and my loved ones. If that means I have to ten ring the guy in the pharmacy waving around a gun because he needs some synthetic opium of the day. Then hey it's all golden for everyone but the deviant.

If you are strutting around with your battle worn cerakoated Glock 19 thinking you are a licensed gun wielding savior of the unscrubbed masses I submit you are in a way wrong mindset. Be grey man be the snake in the grass don't look for trouble make decisions that let trouble pass you buy. When that doesn't work then fight, cheat, lie and misdirect so that you and yours survive and I assure you I will be doing the same. If our actions save some sheep great but that was a secondary result of watching out for our own first.

If I'm wrong tell me why. If I'm right tell me why love to get comments at defcondefense@yahoo.com

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Defcon Blog 4/18/2017


Well today marks the end of a thirty day stint for Defcon Supply in Facebook prison. The part that sort of upsets me is I have no idea why? Have some suspicions but no real idea what warranted my banishment. I suspect it was for posting some non political correct comment on modern society but not like I get to see the offending post. Just get a message that I have been bad and for it I shall be punished. So I guess I will leave Facebook as a portal for communication with all my devoted Defcon fans and relegate myself to occasional rants on the demise of western civilization here on my blog page. Could be fun  please feel free to comment on the bottom of the page and if I enjoy your musings I will post it on the webpage.




Quality as an asset

Defcon Fans I wanted to speak about an issue that is important to me and should be important to you also. That issue is quality. Now there are a lot of definitions of quality but for our chat let's stick to Quality (superiority in kind) .

As some of you know I have been around firearms for over 25 years most of it dealing with Personal Defense and Competition as well as Duty use. Some of you may also know I have some strongly held opinions and it takes me some convincing to accept new ideas. However I do sometimes have an epiphany and accept that a new way is better. That said I will never be convinced to sell to the public any firearm for self defense I do not have full and complete faith in. I will not sell a customer some Turkish made POS because she likes the Pink Frame. I will not represent that some turd handgun is great because it has a lifetime warranty. Wasn't it Tommy Boy who so eloquently stated that he could crap in a box give it a lifetime warranty and it's still a box of crap.

Now I have been accused of being a bit of a gun snob but in my heart I reject this idea. The fact that I may carry factory tuned SIG's Colts and Springfield's does not mean I would feel any less prepared for trouble were I carrying a Ruger SR or Charter Arms snubbie. You will not catch me with any of the cute little guns the kid at Academy Sports says are great and when they do break you just send it back and they give you a new one. What does it say about a firearm when it's cheaper to give you a new one rather than repair the problem? 

Just right where you are now look at your TV and gaming system. Did it cost more than the gun you got your significant other to defend their life and that of your kids with? Why can your TV stop a home invasion? Can your PS4 defend them against a serial rapist? It's priority's my tv sucks I wear whatever shoes are on closeout at Sharpe's.  The firearm I'm sitting here with in my Yeti Tac inside the pants rig retails for around $900.00 and I dropped a buck fifty to have the custom shop give it a tune up. Is it better than a Smith M&P? Nope but I have so much confidence in it's performance that it soothes my natural tendency to assume it can all go to crap right here right now.  So what I'm so badly trying to get across to everyone is don't make a firearm purchase because some kid in some box store says oh yeah we sell hundreds of these guns. Man he does not know a damn thing. I have guns I've owned longer than he has been alive and I can count the malfunctions from decades of shooting them on one hand and still have two fingers left. Owning and carrying a firearm is life and death decision making. Don't put less research into it than you did on your last cell phone upgrade. 

Stay safe remember we are here for ya.

Defcon Blog 3/1/2017

Not sure how many of you watched President Trump's remarks to the legislative branch last night but I had a couple observations. First I think he did a pretty good job he kept his natural instinct to attack and mock his detractors to a bare minimum. He sounded pretty Presidential maybe not a polished politician but I think that's why he was elected because he is not polished.

That said what really struck me , no offended me was when Mr. Trump eulogized the Navy SEAL who was killed in action in an operation in Yemen. The democrats instead of honoring this man's commitment to duty, honor, country they sat in their seats and rolled their eyes. I'm pretty damn incensed about this. The leadership of the Democrats will honor black lives matter protestors urging the killing of law enforcement. They will espouse the virtues of women dressed in vagina costumes and applaud the heroic actions of former Olympic athletes who put on dresses and makeup. However honoring a fallen member of our armed forces who threw on his gear and stepped onto hostile soil to advance the directives of our national command structure is just too much for them. 

Since I believe in a just and loving god I will not say how I really feel about these folks but let just say I have more respect for our foreign enemy's who are willing to die for their cause than for these internal enemy's that seek to destroy our nation from the inside. Isis will never bring down the nation. The Democrats in leadership positions in Washington I can't be sure of.

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Defcon Blog 2-23-2017

Is it just me or has the main stream media become an arm of the radical left? Bias I could always understand but it seems as if the big media outlets are now becoming cheer leaders for the folks who want to destroy America. If you run through the channels watching video while left wing talking heads nod and proselytize about the next Hitler and world fascism being worse than pre war Europe one can begin to think the world has gone insane. Last time I looked most dictator don't try increase gun rights of the folks they want to rule. Now enforcing laws like our immigration regulations makes one a racist. If you want to continue to enforce rape laws does that make you a sexist? 

Where do all these "protestors" work that they can take off days at a time to block streets and attack folks just trying to go about their jobs and daily routine? They wail and rend their clothes in absolute denial of the fact that we have a constitutionally elected leader who is making them crazy by doing the things he promised in his campaign. How can you rail against corporations while taking a selfie wearing your Nike shoes, your underarmor shirt and yoga pants while sucking a Starbucks double espresso snowflake special recording it all for your facebook page on your Samsung phone!!! I dunno what's coming but I think someone on one side or the other is headed for an eye opener.


Trying to read trends in Modern Firearms

Well with this past year's election of President Trump. The Modern Firearms market has returned to a very pre Obama,pre Hillary setting. Individuals who were making purchases driven by a fear of the unknown have pulled back from the market. I see this trend continuing with downward pressure on prices and an overabundance of stock sitting in manufacturers warehouses. Last time this trend occurred we saw a lot of less well financed companys fold or were absorbed by bigger players. No need to doubt this trend will continue.

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